Harrison- Newborn (Happy Accidents and Reindeer Pelts)

Do you ever go through old photos, maybe ones from your grandparents’ house, and you see family heirlooms in them you’d never noticed? Like, “Hey, there’s that cross stitch that Granny made in this picture! That’s hanging in my house now!” One of the best things about having family pictures made is the ability to record those heirlooms, especially while they’re being used, and Harrison’s shoot was a great example of that. The sweater he’s wearing was handmade by a family friend (notice the adorable Peter Cottontail buttons). Harrison’s cradle was made by hand by his grandfather (hoping to feature that more on a future blog). And you see that fur that’s in most of the shots? That’s a reindeer pelt that Harrison’s parents picked up on their most recent trip to Sweden (one of Harrison’s grandmothers is Swedish). Love it!

This shoot should definitely be tagged “Happy Accidents” and also “thank goodness for patient clients”. After completing the entire shoot, my aging memory card gave out. Luckily, I was still at their home when we noticed the problem, and they were willing and able to do a quick reshoot. Of course, Harrison wasn’t going back to sleep by this point, so we got some great shots of him awake- and those ended up being some of our favorites. And, by the way, I was able to recover the files from the card that gave out- whew!

A huge thank you to Harrison’s incredibly patient and wonderful parents, Chris and Nita.


One thought on “Harrison- Newborn (Happy Accidents and Reindeer Pelts)

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