Lucas – 6 Months

Like a lot of relationships these days, Lucas’ Mommy (Colleen) and I “re-met” through the Internet magic of Facebook. See, we go way back. All the way back to first grade. I still remember those very early elementary school days– I thought she was the most creative, funniest person I’d ever known, and we were tight! But life changes, and through high school and college, we lost touch.

Well, thank you Mark Zuckerberg! I am so happy to be reacquainted with Colleen and to now get to know her family and their stories.

Driving up the driveway to the house, I could already feel that there was something special about their house- for one thing, there were so many cars in their driveway! I found out the story pretty quickly- Oh, person A is staying here and person B is staying there and Grandma is upstairs with the baby… It was a home that was suffused with warmth and hospitality. Thank you, Colleen (and John and Lucas!) for inviting me into your beautiful home. You all are definitely in my “Best Of 2013”!


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